Video: Gena Lee Nolin on Staying Sexy After 40 with “Thyroid Sexy”

Gena Sitting w Dress

Actress Gena Lee Nolin chats with StarCam at the Ringling Bros. Fully Charged event about what she’s been working on lately. “I’m writing a book right now. I’m doing tons of health boot camps and just being busy with the kids. I have my hands in a few different things so hopefully something comes to […]

Song: Thyroid Sexy’s “T.S. Blues” Gena Lee Nolin’s Thyroid Disease Awareness Campaign

T.S. Blues Available at to download (Type “T.S. Blues” in the search) © 2012 Gena Lee Nolin-Hulse, Linda Adams & Greg Lee Written by Linda Adams Recorded by Linda Adams & Greg Lee Well it’s a Hashimoto’s hell hole Or that Graves’ is givin’ me grief I either can’t get out of bed Or […]

Gena Lee Nolin’s new book “Beautiful Inside and Out” tackles thyroid disorders

[Originally posted on on July 5, 2013] Gena Lee Nolin first caught the public eye when she was cast on the hit TV show Baywatch. The natural All-American beauty was known for her statuesque fit physique, healthy glow, and long thick blond hair. After Baywatch, Nolin was cast in the TV series Sheena, and […]

Access Hollywood’s Body Image Series: Gena Lee Nolin

Gena Lee Nolin : Thyroid Sexy Foundation


Gena Lee Nolin talks to BRBTV about “Sheena,” “Baywatch,” and what she has going on now

She has a new book coming out early next year, on a subject she feels strongly about. She’s not just another “Baywatch” beauty. In fact, after Gena Lee Nolin hit the California beach for that longtime megahit series, she spent some time in the jungle, too, as the star of the 2000 show “Sheena.” Nolin […]

Gena Lee Nolin – Red Carpet Celebrity Interview at Sunshine Kids/Ringling Bros Event

Sunshine Kids has partnered with Ringling Bros, and Barnum & Bailey to raise awareness of the important issue of pediatric cancer and to provide a memorable night of fun for kids affected by cancer. Ed Magik TV’s Schemika Mark interviews Baywatch actress Gena Lee Nolin who appeared with her family on the red carpet.