Never judge a book by its cover!

I’ve been thinking of those who suffer from thyroid disease that don’t necessarily look the part. The stereotype is that we’re all older, over weight women & men. Truth of the matter is it can happen to children, teens and people of all shapes and sizes. Just because one wears hip clothes and has the rockin body we all want, doesn’t mean they’re not achey, depressed & foggy brained. I’ve met a lot of people with hashimoto’s & graves disease that don’t look the part, until I listened to their complaints. I remember getting the odd comment when I first came out, “you sure don’t look hypo to us, hmm!” Hollywood’s perception is made up of pretty, flawless, fairytale lives that don’t have room for disease and if you do, its more often then not, hidden. Believe me, I’m done hiding and my fellow preschool moms can attest to that! I’ve recently been asked to do a documentary on people living with thyroid disease and how it’s effecting their lives. I’m excited to be a part of a mission that’s so big and proud of the progress we’re making AND yes, its HOLLYWOOD, even better! Playing your part in this mission is to keep sharing your stories and the knowledge you’ve acquired to all people regardless of their external “cover.”


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