BEAUTIFUL INSIDE & OUT ~ Conquering Thyroid Disease with a Healthy, Happy, “Thyroid Sexy” life.

Gena drinking shake in bikiniIt’s done!

The book that I’ve been writing with Mary J. Shomon is finally done. Simon & Schuster just gave us our publishing date (October 8, 2013) along with a title that (everyone loved) I just re-read the draft, it’s a PERSONAL journey into (MY LIFE) things I’ve never spoke publicly about, Hollywood stories & then more importantly it moves into “Thyroid 101″… The guide to help us all in what, where, why and how with our thyroids.. MD’s, Natural Paths, experts & more share. So, it’s really a mixed bag of tricks that will be helpful & personal to so many who’ve struggled like myself.

I’m soaking up all the good and focusing on the positive relationships in my life. My family and friends that surround me daily, I’m a very blessed woman!

Thanks for your support and cheers to being “BEAUTIFUL INSIDE & OUT”

xo, G

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