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Gena’s book is now #1 on Amazon and one of Barnes & Noble’s Top 5 Books!


Former Baywatch star Gena Lee Nolin released her book Beautiful Inside and Out: Conquering Thyroid Disease with a Healthy, Happy, “Thyroid Sexy” Life on October 8, 2013, and it’s a definite must-read! It was Amazon‘s #1 book on thyroid disease, and Barnes & Noble also chose it as a “Diet & Health Pick.” Co-written by New York Times bestselling author and thyroid disease patient […]

Hear Gena’s story on Omg! Insider

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Hear her story here!

Watch Gena’s interview on ABC 15 with Katie Raml

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Watch Gena’s interview on ABC 15 with Katie Raml

Gena Lee featured all week on Entertainment Tonight


Watch Gena on Entertainment Tonight all week as she talks about thyroid disease.  Check out the story on Entertainment Tonight’s website – Could You Have a Thyroid Disorder?

[Originally posted on on May 24, 2012] You might remember her as one of those red-swimsuit-wearing hotties running in slow motion on the hit 1990’s show Baywatch. These days, Gena Lee Nolin (GLN): is on a crusade to save lives just like her character—but it’s not on the beach. Nolan is one of 22 […]

Gena Lee Nolin’s new book “Beautiful Inside and Out” tackles thyroid disorders

[Originally posted on on July 5, 2013] Gena Lee Nolin first caught the public eye when she was cast on the hit TV show Baywatch. The natural All-American beauty was known for her statuesque fit physique, healthy glow, and long thick blond hair. After Baywatch, Nolin was cast in the TV series Sheena, and […]

Gena Lee Nolin on Creating ‘Thyroid Sexy,’ Her Upcoming Book And Possible ‘Baywatch’ Kickstarter

[Originally posted on on April 5th, 2013] You’ve probably heard the name Gena Lee Nolin—but how you heard, is likely to vary from person to person. Maybe you saw her on The Price is Right or Baywatch (like me) in the 1990s. But if you had only heard her name in the last few […]

Gena Lee Nolin: Changing the Way we Look at Thyroid Disease

[Posted originally in Yahoo! Health on Apr 05, 2013] In the 90s, actor Gena Lee Nolin’s life was filled with red bathing suits, sand, and sun. And despite seeming to ‘have it all’ the then 20-year-old Baywatch beauty and model was battling a silent enemy. “I knew something wasn’t right. But yet at the same time, […]

Gena Lee Nolin on Thyroid Disease: “I Always Knew Something Was Wrong”

[Originally posted on Yahoo! Shine on May 31, 2013] When I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease in 2009, I was relieved to learn that I finally had a diagnosis. However, I admit that it sounded more like a Japanese restaurant than a thyroid disorder. I suffered greatly and silently for several years, going from one […]

Angie Everhart Cancer Support from Gena Lee Nolin

[Originally posted on on 5/14/2013] Angie Everhart says she’s been learning a lot about who her “real friends” are in the wake of her thyroid cancer diagnosis … and one of those friends is Gena Lee Nolin. “Anytime you have the big C put in front of you, you do a lot of reflecting […]

BEAUTIFUL INSIDE & OUT ~ Conquering Thyroid Disease with a Healthy, Happy, “Thyroid Sexy” life.

It’s done! The book that I’ve been writing with Mary J. Shomon is finally done. Simon & Schuster just gave us our publishing date (October 8, 2013) along with a title that (everyone loved) I just re-read the draft, it’s a PERSONAL journey into (MY LIFE) things I’ve never spoke publicly about, Hollywood stories & […]

Meeting Mary J. Shomon in Tampa!

What a great trip! My first day of work on the new book “Thyroid Sexy” with Mary J. Shomon! She brought me to the beach where I’m most relaxed & comfortable! It worked… We got a lot of great stuff for the book & a sunburn! Ouch….

Gena Lee Nolin : Thyroid Sexy Foundation


Never judge a book by its cover!

I’ve been thinking of those who suffer from thyroid disease that don’t necessarily look the part. The stereotype is that we’re all older, over weight women & men. Truth of the matter is it can happen to children, teens and people of all shapes and sizes. Just because one wears hip clothes and has the […]

Gena Lee Nolin: I battled thyroid illness in a Baywatch bathing suit

[Originally posted on By SHARON CHURCHER on July 13, 2011] With an audience of more than a billion fans in 110 countries, it was one of the most touching and supposedly true-to-life scenes in television history. Just 12 weeks after giving birth to her first child, a little boy called Spencer, Baywatch star Gena Lee Nolin agreed […]