New launch for Saint Lee Jewelry coming soon!


It’s a new year, new energy and with that comes harmony with Saint Lee Jewelry. We have beautiful bracelets for both men & women made with natural, organic beads that will make you feel peaceful, energized, loved & grounded. Apply a dot of essential oil of your choice on Lava and feel the earth move […]

Gena Lee Featured on Yahoo! Shine


Taken from Yahoo Shine! When I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease in 2009, I was relieved to learn that I finally had a diagnosis. However, I admit that it sounded more like a Japanese restaurant than a thyroid disorder.  Read more at Yahoo!

Sexy Inside & Out In Veux Magazine

Gena Lee Nolin on Veux Magazine

ViVien Hoang from Veux Magazine, interviews Gena Lee Nolin to discover her many accomplishments and the struggles in between. Nolin explains the hardships that she endured as she was a young actress and mother in Hollywood. Undiagnosed, Gena began showing symptoms which baffled the doctors for quite a while, misdiagnosing her with depression, Valley Fever […]

Photo Shoot from “Beautiful Inside and Out”


Photo shoot from the upcoming book “Beautiful Inside and Out”

Video: Gena Lee Nolin on Staying Sexy After 40 with “Thyroid Sexy”

Gena Sitting w Dress

Actress Gena Lee Nolin chats with StarCam at the Ringling Bros. Fully Charged event about what she’s been working on lately. “I’m writing a book right now. I’m doing tons of health boot camps and just being busy with the kids. I have my hands in a few different things so hopefully something comes to […]

Gena Lee Nolin’s tips on ageless beauty — inside and out


[Originally posted on Jun 28, 2013 on Yahoo! Shopping’s Fashionate Blog] Working on the TV show ,”Baywatch”, which was filmed on the Santa Monica beach, and wearing a tiny red swimsuit is more than enough pressure for any woman in the world. Mind you, I’d sit in the makeup chair every morning for two hours […]